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Fixed and removable prosthodontics in Humble

Humble dentist office
Humble dentist office

Missing teeth need no longer be a problem for either your smile or your bite. Prosthodontics can be used to replace missing teeth in most patients. The Humble dentist office of Dr. Edwin Coligado, DDS helps patients replace missing teeth through a combination of implants, bridges and dentures Any discussion of treatments for missing or extracted teeth begin with a full, evaluative oral exam after which our dentist will discuss all your treatment options with the goal of your long-term oral health. We view education as a key to correcting any problems and to maintaining lifelong dental health.

Prosthodontics usually are comprised of implants or some form of dentures. If more than one tooth has been lost our Humble dentist office will usually recommend either a full or partial removable dentures. A removable denture consists of replacement teeth mounted into a gum-colored plastic base that is connected by hidden metal framework. If these are partial dentures they are connected to the patient’s remaining anchor teeth by metal clasps or by devices called precision attachments, which are nearly invisible. Patients who have lost several teeth on the top or bottom of the jaw use partial dentures. Full dentures are a replacement when all of the teeth are gone on the upper or lower jaw. With either type of denture precise measurements of the patient’s mouth are made and molds are taken to fit the dentures correctly into the mouth so that they are comfortable and the wearer can chew effectively. A laboratory will actually create the custom-fitted dentures.

In either partial or full dentures our dentist will make whatever adjustments are necessary to the dentures once they are placed in the mouth ensuring a perfectly comfortable fit. It may take a little time to get used to wearing and eating with the prosthodontics, so our doctor works with each denture patient to help the dentures adjust to their mouths and help the patient adjust to their new teeth. If you have missing teeth or your dental care plan includes extraction of teeth let our Humble dentist office provide you with the best prosthodontic solution.

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