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Teeth whitening in 77346

Whiter teeth may not be the highest priority when it comes to your dental care, but it certainly means a lot to your appearance, as well as your self-esteem and confidence. And since we at the dental practice of Edwin Coligado DDS have made it so easy to change your teeth from stained, discolored, or dull to bright, there’s no reason to not have it done.

What is the procedure like for getting our teeth whitening treatment? It depends on whether you want it done here at our 77346 dental office or you would prefer to do it at home on your own. In both instances, you are getting the benefit of powerful and effective bleaching solution, but our in-office version is more concentrated. This means that you can get significantly and noticeably whiter teeth in just about an hour or less. That’s an exciting prospect. But maybe you would prefer to be in control of your own teeth whitening, and/or you would like to get your results more gradually. Some patients say that they don’t want everyone to know that they have whitening done, and with take-home treatment from our 77346 dental office, the improvements aren’t as obvious from day to day. It takes from a few days to a couple of weeks to get the outcome you want with home whitening. Both types of treatment, though, are completely safe on your tooth enamel. This is in contrast to some over-the-counter products, which can harm your enamel. You should be able to maintain the effects of treatment for a year, or possibly longer than that. Depending on how well you maintain your teeth, you may have whiter teeth for up to several years.

Contact our 77346 dental office right now and book an appointment to come in for teeth whitening. You deserve a more appealing smile, so don’t settle for any less.

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